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Food Waste - One of the biggest problems in the US

Author: Ellie Livitsanou

Editors: Lydia Ren and Anand Soma

Artist: Karen Liu

The US wastes 40%, or 120 - 180 billion pounds, of food annually, something that has a massive impact on the country’s economy as well as the environment. But what is wasted food? Wasted food is split into two main categories; food waste and food loss. There are many kinds of food loss, including in stores and homes, food that goes bad in transportation, food left on the field, and all the other food that doesn’t even make it to the store. Food waste is a type of food loss classified by the United States Department of Agriculture as food thrown away by stores and retailers because of its appearance (color, shape, etc) as well as food wasted by consumers (food scraps, sour milk, etc).