November Member of the Month


Charles has been a dependable member of the Website Team where he contributes frequently to uploading all the amazing articles onto the website. He has shown dedication to the team from the start as he started off with the role of translating web pages to now uploading the articles. Every time we need something to be done, Charles is quick to reply and take on the job. He’s uploaded and formatted many articles in the September, October, and November Editions. With his grueling schedule with school, he still finds time to always get the work done on time. Whenever we offer any suggestions for him to fix, he is open to taking back any feedback in order to help improve the articles. Charles is a responsible and consistent member and we wouldn’t be able to have all the articles up on the website if it wasn’t for his help.

We really appreciate all the hard work and contribution you’ve added to the Scienceholic team!

Valerie Tai & Tanya Chaphekar

Co-directors of Website Team

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