October Member Of The Month

Hanna Gomberg

Hanah Gomberg is a member of the Content Team at ScienceHolic. We first began working with Hanah back in late July, and instantly her intelligence, promptness, and dedication were detectable from then on. We have been quite intrigued and interested in her passions in biology and fetal research, and it's been a pleasure to read her articles. Only a ninth-grader, it must be noted of her interests in STEM research, such as in neurological development. Despite residing in Australia, she continues to remain in communication, attending meetings and asking questions. We are excited to see where she (and the other Content Team members) develop their interests in STEM fields in the future. We would highly recommend reading her Blog “Fighting Crime with DNA”, listed on the ScienceHolic website. Branden and I both congratulate you on Member of the Month.

Thank you Hanah for your contribution and amazing articles!

Tyler Vazquez & Branden Chen

Co-Directors of Content

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