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Matthew Chen

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I'm a junior in high school in New Jersey. I'm interested in engineering and computer science. In my free time, I like to play golf and watch YouTube videos.  

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Kitty Liu


This is Kitty, a rising junior at William Cullen Bryant High school. I’m interested in social sciences, particularly psychology and I hope to work with patients and individuals dealing with mental, emotional, and physical issues. Apart from that, I’d like to read, listen to music, and run in my free time.

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Charles Zhao

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My name is Charles and I’m from China. Right now I am an international student in New York, United States. I love biology because I am a big fan of National Geographic. One thing that I do for fun is film photography.

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Michelle Qu


I’m Michelle Qu, a senior in high school in New York City. I am interested in Math. During my free time, I like to do origami. Also  I like to bake.

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