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A career in the STEM field is the dream of countless students around the world. However, while the sciences are taught as subjects in school, many students are not given the resources to fully comprehend complex scientific concepts when conducting innovative research. ScienceHolic magazine is a youth-run nonprofit that aims to introduce intricate scientific concepts in biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, etc. in a manner that is fun and comprehensible to all students ages 12-18. As a nonprofit organization, our main priority is to provide a free resource for students to delve deeper into scientific topics, strive for our teenage readers and contributors to become critical thinkers, and prompt thought-provoking conversations. We also provide various opportunities for students who have English as their second language around the world to improve their English skills and expand their vocabulary, along with leadership and volunteer opportunities for under-resourced students.


  1. Produce articles that make complex science topics easier for teenagers to understand

  2. Provide free and reliable resources for students who may not usually have them.

  3. Provide students around the world who have English as a second language with opportunities to strengthen their English and expand their scientific jargon.

  4. Provide various leadership and volunteer opportunities for motivated and under-resourced students.

  5. Prompt thought-provoking discussions and conversations between teenagers from different countries.

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