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Many students who want to pursue careers in the STEM fields are interested in publishing scientific research papers in high school. However, while many institutions allow students to conduct academic research experiments, there is a lack of accessible and affordable platforms for students to publish their findings. Therefore, ScienceHolic has branched out and created ScienceHolic Review—a platform that provides opportunities for all high school students, regardless of background and socioeconomic status, to submit their scientific research findings. Each paper will be reviewed by our board, and, if selected, be published on the ScienceHolic website for the world to see. As a sub-branch of ScienceHolic, a certified 501(c) non-profit, the main purpose of ScienceHolic Review is to enhance students’ interest in STEM subjects and provide a platform for publication.


  1. Provide a universally accessible platform for high school students to have their research work reviewed by professionals and published.

  2. Provide more opportunities for passionate high school students for their work to be seen.

  3. Encourage students to dive deeper into their passionate STEM fields 

  4. Address gaps in STEM education equality around the world, particularly surrounding scientific research publication. 

*Submission will be available after June 1st 2021 for the First Issue of SH Review

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