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ScienceHolic Review - Frequently Asked Questions

Requirements for the submission of research papers to The ScienceHolic Review: 

  1. your paper must be a STEM research paper

  2. The paper is completed during your high school years and you have not yet enrolled in a college or university. 

  3. The paper is correctly cited and formatted in APA style

  4. The paper is in English

  5. Have not been previously published except in a publication of your previous/current school.

  6. Submit in pdf form 

  7. 12 point Times New Roman Font. Double Spaced

  8. Name the file as [Name - Title] for example [ John Smith - Genetic and Ethics]

1. Who may submit papers to The ScienceHolic Review? 

 Students currently in grades 9-12. 

2. Must the paper submitted to The ScienceHolic Review be about STEM? 

Yes, It should be related to any STEM topics.  

3. May I use MLA-style citations for my paper? 

No, Only APA citations for in-text citations and bibliography are acceptable

4. May I submit more than one paper? 

Absolutely! Our mission is to encourage high school students to dive deeper into their interest in STEM. We can publish more than one paper by an author.

5. May I submit a paper that is less than 5-6 pages double spaced in length? 

You are welcome to submit a paper at any length. However, your paper will be competing with the other submitted papers that may be longer.

6. May I submit a paper on a topic that ScienceHolic Review has already published? 

We welcome papers on topics that we've already published. There are different insights from different people even on the same topic!

7. May I submit papers completed during an independent study? 

Of course! We encourage you to share your great papers from pursuing your study of STEM independently with guidance from someone else.   

8. May I submit multiple papers in one application? 

No, each paper requires an individual application. 

9. What is the deadline for submitting my paper? 

For consideration for the first issue, your paper should be received by October 1st, 11:59 pm EST.

I0. In about how long after my submission will I get a decision notification? 

The list of selected papers will be published on November 31st. The whole review will be published in early January.

11. Will I hear if my paper is not selected for the coming issue? 

We publish about 20% of the essays we receive. If your paper is not selected for the coming issue, we will inform you by email and you can resubmit your essay for the next issue at a lower price. (Please contact us for more information!) If your paper is to be published, you will receive a letter the month before the issue comes out.

12. Who reads and rates my paper when I send it to the ScienceHolic Review? 

Each paper submitted to the ScienceHolic is sent to two readers who have been trained to evaluate the papers against a standard developed by The ScienceHolic Review.

13. How much is the application fee?  

It costs $35 for each paper submitted. 

14. What are the possible payment methods? 

You can pay the application fee by credit card through our website

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