February 2021

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This section is dedicated to the members who have contributed the most to ScienceHolic this month!

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Stephanie Hu 

Stephanie Hu:

ScienceHolic’s February Member of the Month goes to Stephanie Hu! 

Stephanie joined the team in early November as a Social Media Team Member. Since then, she always finished her work on time and maintains prompt communication with all leaders and teammates. Due to her beautiful post designs, we promoted her as Social Media Manager. She helped us create promotional posters for our second magazine edition, takeovers, webinar, and the release of monthly articles and blogs. With her help, we are able to completely revamp our social media feed! Besides Stephanie’s devotion to the Social Media Team, she always tries to attend our meetings and give suggestions to make ScienceHolic Better. We really appreciate how much she cares about the team! 

We are giving her this recognition for her hard work and commitment to ScienceHolic. Thank you, Stephanie! 


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