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Member of the Month

This section is dedicated to the members who have contributed the most to ScienceHolic this month!

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Jul & Aug: Jessica Dong & Chris Tong

Jessica and Chris have helped ScienceHolic grow tremendously in the short period of time they’ve been with us, having newly joined in July. As Outreach Team members and Ambassadors, they’ve been an instrumental part in organizing the Medical Week Conference, which was held from August 13th to 14th.


Jessica and Chris found and reached out to many panelists, co-hosted all 5 sessions even in the absence of executive members, promoted our conference on their social media platforms, and made sure everything ran smoothly. They both respond to our questions quickly and were up-to-date with all their tasks; their punctuality and dedication are greatly appreciated!


Thank you, Jessica and Chris, for your hard work these two months, and we look forward to seeing what else you two can bring to the table!


Scarlett Chu & Joyce Hai

Communication Directors & Co-Founder

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