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These are the members that help ScienceHolic grow! Without them, we would not be able to have all of these articles, blogs, magazines, podcasts, videos, and webinars! 

Executive Director

Joyce Headshot - Science Holic_edited_ed

Joyce Hai

Cornell University '27

Executive Director

Major: Human Biology, Health, and Society with Minors Global Health and Applied Exercise Science

Hobbies: Listening to music, volleyball, & dance

I created ScienceHolic to introduce intricate scientific concepts in a manner that is fun and comprehensible to all students~

Content Team

Joanna Xu

Bronx High School of Science '25

Content Director

Major: Biology (pre-med)

Hobbies: Combat sports (judo, wrestling), hiking, reading

I joined SH to become part of a collaborative team that works to help spread their love and knowledge of STEM through the creation of engaging and creative articles for teens.

IMG_9980 - Joanna Xu.PNG
29A92A9A-A295-47DE-9056-E2FE63C1D270 - Winnie Mok.png

Winnie Mok

Hunter College High School '26

Content Director

My name is Winnie. I am currently a rising freshman in Hunter College High School. My specific interests in STEM are psychology and biology. My hobbies include crocheting, reading, and delving into Wikipedia rabbit holes.

IMG_3960 - Hanni Yang.jpeg

Hanni Yang

The Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria '24

Magazine Branch Director

Major: Public Health

Hobbies: DIY Items, Singing, Dancing, & Badminton

SH allows me to elaborate on my interest in biology and medicine.

Kayla Otoo

Kent School '26

Senior Writer

Major: Biology

Hobbies: I love drawing, running, basketball, and playing my saxophone and the piano.

I joined SH because I love science and to be a part of a community that also has the same love for science that I do!

IMG_4332 (1) - Kayla Otoo_edited.jpg

Ruoxi Lin

Syosset Senior High School '25


Major: Biology (Pre-med)

Hobbies: Guitar, gaming, & writing


I joined SH because I wanted to gain access to compelling articles from multiple different fields of science while also sharing my own thoughts and ideas with others.

Scienceholic profile - Ruoxi Lin_edited.

Editing Team

Jaylen Peng

Princeton Day School '25

Editing Director

Major: Psychology

Hobbies: Tennis & drums

SH aligns with my passion to expand access to scientific knowledge in a fun and understandable way.

IMG-5096 - Jaylen Peng.jpg

Angela Pan

Great Neck South High School '25

Editing Director

Major: Pre-med

Hobbies: Piano, gaming, badminton, & reading

I want to gain access to resources and opportunities related to the medical field through reading articles writers in SH wrote.

photo - angela.png

Kevy Chen

Lassiter High School '27

Senior Editor

Major: Pre-med / Psychology

Hobbies: Journaling, fencing, cooking, and violin

SH allows me to write/edit while also letting me explore my interests in science.

IMG_0689 2 - Rachel C_edited.jpg

Rachel Chen

Hunter College High School '25

Senior Editor

Major: Undecided

Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, badminton

SH provides me the opportunity to learn more about STEM while also engaging in my own strengths, like writing!

Art Team

Kelly Zeng

New York University '25

Magazine Formatter

Major: Data Science & Computer Science

Hobbies: Puzzle, blog, photography, & music

SH allows me to work with people my age and enhance my ability to organize words and images.

881046DC-4607-4009-8D73-69F187B05A52 - K
87F72F22-7378-451E-BD15-87D578CDA846 - Chiara.jpeg

Chiara Chen

Townsend Harris High School '25

Artistic Director

Major: Biochemistry

Hobbies: Reading, crocheting, and eating dessert

SH allows me to learn more about the STEM field and gain experience with editing articles.

Jade Li

Jericho High School '25

Artistic Director

Major: Social Sciences

Hobbies: Art & piano

SH is an excellent opportunity to promote STEM creatively with an artistic aspect.

Screen Shot 2023-01-21 at 8.17.10 PM - Jade Li.png

Olivia Yuan

Lord Byng Secondary '25

Senior Artist

Major: Animation & Illustrations

Hobbies: Art and music


SH is a great organization for people who learn visually.

IMG_4039 - O_edited.jpg

Social Media Team

Lina Hsu

Benjamin N Cardozo High School '25

Communications Director

Major: Computer Science

Hobbies: Traveling, volunteering, & solving puzzles

SH is a great way to learn new things and help out the community.

51A46BC1-D8C7-4FBE-B08A-1E291A079BBE - Lina Hsu_edited.jpg
IMG_0347 - angela zhou.jpg

Angela Zhou

Bayside High School '25

Social Media Director

Major: Nursing

Hobbies: Playing video games, drawing, & running

SH is a great way to expand my knowledge of science while also helping others do the same.

Outreach Team

Emma Liu

Kent School '26

Media Director

Major: Computer Science & Business

Hobbies: Swimming & music

Through SH, I am able to create and share exciting content with passionate STEM students.

IMG_7528 - Emma Liu_edited.jpg
72C96D3C-B458-4512-B5C0-7C78CDA35E70 - Emily Yu.JPEG

Emily Yu

Kent School '26

HR, Alumni Relation, & Partnerships Director

Major: Biology

Hobbies: Rowing, painting, and ice hockey.

I wanted to join a team that is dedicated and passionate about sharing scientific knowledge.

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