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Christine Chen

Hunter College High School '26


Major: Biochemistry

Hobbies: Drawing & reading

SH is a great way to combine my passion for science and writing.

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Lucy Chen

Bronx High School of Science '24


Major: Computer Science

Hobbies: Piano & reading

I wanted to work on research and content writing skills to help with future uses at SH.

Cici Zhang

The Wheatley School '26


Major: Biology

Hobbies: Listening to music & drawing

Through SH, I could read about other STEM articles while writing my own.

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Emily Jiang

Benjamin N Cardozo High School '25


Major: Engineering

Hobbies: Drawing, watching movies, & listening to music

SH provides an experience to help me improve my writing and research skills.

ScienceHolic- Emily Jiang_edited.png

Nikki Jiang

Great Neck South High '24


Major: Public Health & Biology

Hobbies: Volleyball, cooking, reading, & exploring NYC

Joining SH allows me to share important scientific findings with the world.


Andy Lin

Roslyn High School '24


Major: Undecided

Hobbies: Listening to music

SH is a great way to learn and share science.


Tommy Ma

Herricks High School '25


Major: Psychology

Hobbies: Basketball, weightlifting, & listening to Taylor Swift

SH gives me a chance to gain more knowledge about the science field while teaching others about it as well.

B8A20266-A27E-4070-9888-A2E0D2BED367 - Tommy Ma.jpeg

Ellie Wang

Roslyn High School '24


Major: Biology & Environmental Science

Hobbies: Listening to music, reading, & watching anime

Writing articles for SH was a way for me to both gain and share knowledge with others, and it provided a great opportunity to make my writing more sophisticated and charismatic.

8AC24B0C-859A-40BB-AC80-D8DC589DE81C - Ellie Wang_edited.jpg

Harry Yoon

Kent School '26


Major: Undecided

Hobbies: Crew

SH is a great opportunity to build my college portfolio.

IMG_3508 - Harold Yoon_edited.jpg

William Tsay

Manhasset High School '24


Major: Environmental Science

Hobbies: Basketball, piano, & cycling

Joining SH will expand my knowledge about the natural world and keep me updated on cutting-edge scientific discoveries, and connect me with a community of like-minded peers and professionals.

ED81F1E2-6028-448C-B868-82D948E4E7B9 - William Tsay_edited.jpg

Joanna Xu

Bronx High School of Science '25


Major: Biology (pre-med)

Hobbies: Combat sports (judo, wrestling), hiking, reading

I joined SH to become part of a collaborative team that works to help spread their love and knowledge of STEM through the creation of engaging and creative articles for teens.

IMG_9980 - Joanna Xu.PNG

Amirali Banani

School '24




IMG_0725 3 - Amirali Banani_edited.jpg

Katherine Chen

Bronx High School of Science '25


Major: Neuroscience (pre-med)

Hobbies: Badminton, karaoke, & late night bicycling

I joined SH because its mission deeply resonates with my passion for spreading STEM knowledge and making education accessible to all. The commitment SH has aligns with my values.

8653BA8F-3149-4ECB-905E-C7A3BC775B05 - K

Maria Flores

Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria '24


Major: Neuroscience (pre-med)

Hobbies: Taking aesthetic notes for fun, editing videos, cinematography, and coloring.

I joined SH because I wanted to talk more about my interest in the science field with other youth! I really would like to spread the word and contribute my knowledge!

Screenshot_20230930_203253_Snapchat (1)

Vincent Guo

Bethpage High School '26


Major: Something in the scientific field

Hobbies: Hanging out with my friends

I want to improve my writing skills while helping out an organization. I felt like this organization will help me the most.

Ruoxi Lin

Syosset Senior High School '25


Major: Biology (Pre-med)

Hobbies: Guitar, gaming, & writing


I joined SH because I wanted to gain access to compelling articles from multiple different fields of science while also sharing my own thoughts and ideas with others.

Scienceholic profile - Ruoxi Lin_edited.
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