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Editing Team

Sophia Chen

Syosset High School '27


Major: Pre-med/Pre-vet

Hobbies: Listening to music, knitting, reading, piano, & swimming

SH is a good opportunity for me to interact with other people that have similar interests!

IMG_2536 - Sophia Chen.jpeg
Screenshot_20230930_203253_Snapchat (1) - Maria Flores_edited.jpg

Maria Flores

Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria '24


Major: Neuroscience (pre-med)

Hobbies: Taking aesthetic notes for fun, editing videos, cinematography, and coloring

SH allows me to take more about my interests in the science field with other youth!

20221014_194235 - Hwi-On Lee_edited.jpg

Hwi-On Lee

Case Western Reserve University '27


Major: Biology or Psychology

Hobbies: Writing & playing instruments

It's easy to join SH because I enjoy the editing process and explore all things science!

IMG_6949 - Mango Bird_edited.jpg

Junyu Zheng (Jason)

The Bronx High School of Science ‘25


Major: Media Studies or Law

Hobbies: Write stories and exercise.

SH felt like a good way to work on analyzing/developing my own voice as a creative, alongside learning from how other people write.

0408_1720us1 - Hefeng Ma.jpg

Flynn Ma

Brown University '27


Major: Undeclared

Hobbies: basketball, video games, learning about stock market

I joined SH because its mission to make scientific topics available for those with English as their second language is very meaningful.

scienceholicwebsiteimage - viola_edited.jpg

Viola Chen

St. Stephen's School '27


Major: Undecided

Hobbies: Playing the violin and volleyball, knitting, and making art.

I joined SH since it provided an opportunity to join a community and learn more about science!

Misha Wichita

Riverstone International School '25


Major: Major in Chemistry and Minor in Psychology

Hobbies: Read, make art for fun, & walk downtown with friends

I joined SH because it is an organization that cares about educating and inspiring students about stem topics. It uplifts and helps many, about stem topics that I care deeply about.

IMG_0684 - Misha Wichita.jpeg
Ken Saito

Ken Saito

Cornell University '27


Major: Urban Planning

Hobbies: Snowboarding

I enjoy making the quality of articles better as an SH editor.

72C96D3C-B458-4512-B5C0-7C78CDA35E70 - Emily Yu.JPEG

Emily Yu

Kent School '26


Major: Biology

Hobbies: Rowing, painting, and ice hockey.

I wanted to join a team that is dedicated and passionate about sharing scientific knowledge.

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