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Editing Team

Emily Chen


Hello, my name is Emily and I am currently a rising senior. My interests in STEM includes environmental engineering and augmented and virtual reality. Outside from school, I enjoy playing badminton with my friends and watching anime.


Yanxi Chen

Hi! I'm Yanxi Chen, studying in the UK. I enjoy technology and in my free time, I play basketball and volleyball!

Yan Xi Chen - Yan Xi Chen_edited.jpg

Hwi-On Lee

Lee is one of the editors of ScienceHolic. Currently a high school senior, Lee is interested in Biology and plans to pursue work related to the field in the future. In their free time, Lee enjoys listening to music, playing games, and rewatching their favorite TV shows.

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Angela pan


Hello, I am Angela Pan and I'm a rising sophomore and class of 2025. There are a number of jobs that STEM offers, and I would like to prepare for those jobs for the future. I also like solving problems that are presented in STEM. During my free time, I like gaming with my friends, hanging out with people, read, play instruments, play badminton/swimming, and more.

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Peggy Yang

I'm a senior as of the 22-24 school year and my interests are in medicine and chemistry. I like doing archery, reading novels, and cooking during my free time.

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He-Hanson Xuan

Hello! I'm Hanson and I'm currently a senior at Jericho High School. My academic interests are neuroscience and chemistry. On my free time I read novels or hit the gym.

IMG-2671 - H. X._edited.png

Hello, I'm Jaylen, and I am currently a high school senior at Princeton Day School in New Jersey. I am interested in all things STEM, specifically Psychology and Chemistry. In my free time, I like to play tennis, drums, video games, and watching movies and tv shows. I also occasionally like to draw and make artwork.

Jaylen Peng

IMG-5096 - Jaylen Peng.jpg
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