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Editing Team

Emily Chen


Hello, my name is Emily and I am currently a rising senior. My interests in STEM includes environmental engineering and augmented and virtual reality. Outside from school, I enjoy playing badminton with my friends and watching anime.


Shirley Chen

I'm graduating the year of 2024 and I am currently in New York. I really love anything about the brain, specifically psychology. I also really love true crime, games, and writing short stories.

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Yanxi Chen

Hi! I'm Yanxi Chen, studying in the UK. I enjoy technology and in my free time, I play basketball and volleyball!


Ivan Feng

Ivan Feng _edited.jpg

I am currently residing in New York City and entering my sophomore year of high school. My interests include epidemiology and chemistry, as well as computer science (specifically backend development). I enjoy playing video games, started learned game design on Unity, and occasionally make pencil sketches and pixel art.


Hwi-On Lee

Lee is one of the editors of ScienceHolic. Currently a high school senior, Lee is interested in Biology and plans to pursue work related to the field in the future. In their free time, Lee enjoys listening to music, playing games, and rewatching their favorite TV shows.

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Jasleen Matharu

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My name is Jasleen and I'm a grade 11 student from Ontario, Canada. I love pretty much anything in STEM, especially anything to do with the environment. I like to read, make puzzles, play badminton, piano and go hiking!


Angela pan


Hello, I am Angela Pan and I'm a rising sophomore and class of 2025. There are a number of jobs that STEM offers, and I would like to prepare for those jobs for the future. I also like solving problems that are presented in STEM. During my free time, I like gaming with my friends, hanging out with people, read, play instruments, play badminton/swimming, and more.

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Hanson Xuan

Hello! I'm Hanson and I'm currently a senior at Jericho High School. My academic interests are neuroscience and chemistry. On my free time I read novels or hit the gym.

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I'm a senior-two student in Shenzhen. I enjoy the beauty of physics, biology, and statistics. I love playing Go and learning about some breakthroughs of advanced science in my spare time. They often keep my curiousity on science active and keep my enthusiasm for science.

Zhengze Ye (Max)

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Eric (editor) .png

Emily Jiang


I am Eric Lin and I live on Long Island in New York. In STEM I'm the most interested in psychology and will be going forward pursuing a psychology career. I like to sketch and I like to do video editing while sometimes also writing stories and books in my free time.

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