Art Team

Aurora Chen

I’m a rising Senior at Connelly School of the Holy Child in Maryland, US. And my hometown is Shanghai, China. I would like to major in Psychology in college. I draw, play piano, read (mostly science non-fiction) during my free time.


Lucy Chen

I’m Lucy Chen. I am from the USA I’ll be a sophomore from 2021-2022 at the Bronx High School of the Science. I am interested in biology and statistics - biometry. I enjoyed hangouts friends but on my own time. I love drawing since it’s calming


Jennifer Hu

This is Jennifer Hu, I am from China but I am in New York right now. I go to Great Neck South High School. This September, I will be going to ninth grade(2020-2021). I am interested in Biology. I love to listen to music and sing in my free time.


Jiaqi Fan

Screenshot 2021-04-07 162027.jpg

I live in Long Island, New York, and currently go to school at GNSM. Two of my passions that draw me to ScienceHolic are art and STEM. I especially enjoy mathematics, which involves a lot of problem-solving and viewing problems from different perspectives. I also love to bake and listen to classical music when I have free time.


Jenny Li


My name is Jenny Li and I am a current junior attending school in New York City. I am particularly interested in psychology and biology because I find the workings of the human mind fascinating. In my free time, I like to draw, watch thriller movies and animations, and read.


Kevin(Xiang) Li

I'm currently in Singapore for quarantine but I'll arrive in America on sep18, and I will be at Westchester NewYork for the rest of the school year. I'm a Junior(11th grade) studying at a small high school called The Harveyschool. My major path is leaning towards technology, but I feel like I'm more proficient in mathematics. My hobby include drawing, gaming, playing chess, analyzing soccer tactics, and being directed


Karen Liu

My name is Karen, and I live in New York. As a rising junior in Stuyvesant High School, I am highly interested in biology, but what I find especially captivating is what goes on in the human body at the molecular level. I love art and drawing, listening to music, as well as playing the violin.


Lalita Ma

My name is Lalita Ma. I am in New Paltz right now. I am in 9th grade this September. I am interested in Biology and Math. I enjoy reading and watching shows in my free time.


Kaitlyn Stanton


My name is Kaitlyn and I’m a rising junior at Oakton High School in the United States. Some of my STEM interests include anthropology, biomedicine, and chemistry. In my spare time, I love to draw, make jewelry, and crochet.


Denise Suarez


My name is Denise and I’m a sophomore based in Miami, FL. I am very passionate about biology and psychology! In my free time, I love to do anything art-related, whether it’s watercolor, colored pencil, or even digital art!


Doris Tan


This is Doris Tan. I am from Guangzhou and I currently study at St.mary’s high school. I am a rising senior. I am interested in painting and traveling. I like to read books, listen to music, and chat with friends in my free time.


Nicole Tseng

Screenshot 2021-04-07 162046.jpg

This is Nicole Tseng. I am from Taipei, Taiwan. I am a rising junior at Dana hall school. I love art, play dodgeball, and listen to music in my free time.


Nicole Wang


I am Nicole in Grade 10, from Shenzhen, China. I am interested in painting, writing, and playing badminton! Also, in disciplines, I love Biology, Chemistry, and Math. If we have any similar hobbies, feel free to find me and contact me!


Susan Wu


I’m Susan and a sophomore currently living in Toronto, Canada, attending an all-girls school. I am interested in STEM areas, especially biology and chemistry. During my free time, you will find me reading, swimming, or traveling!


Serena Yung


I’m Serena Yung, a sophomore in NYC. I’m interested in biology, especially medicine and pathology. In my free time, I enjoy bullet journaling, listening to music, and playing video games.

Cici Zhang


My name is Cici Zhang. I speak two and one-quarter languages. Chinese, English, and a little bit of Spanish. I’m a freshman at the Wheatley School. In terms of science, I love biology, chemistry, and medicine. In my free time I like to draw while listening to music. I play soccer and basketball and I like to read books too.


Gianluca Zhang


I am a high school student living in New York City. I love drawing and using technology, and I hope to learn more about computer science. When I have time, I love to play videogames and play sports like basketball and golf.


Yeqin Zhang

I am Yeqin, currently a sophomore enrolling in John Bowne High School. I am from Beijing, China, and moved to the United States at an age of 10. Now residing in New York. I am class 2023, a rising junior this Fall. I love biology and chemistry and also the arts, especially drawing! In my free time, I love to play badminton, ice skating, and swimming with my family and friends!


Daisy Zheng

My name is Daisy. I am a sophomore at Cheshire academy.  In terms of STEM chemistry, biology and economics were very challenging for me, but I also enjoyed them. In my spare time, I like to climb mountains, exercise, draw, take photographs and play tennis. I'm also interested in art and distinctive design.