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Chad Cai


I’m Chad! I love chemistry and engineering. In my free time, I love to play the game with my friends.

Social  Media Member

Brandon Ma


Hi, I am a rising senior in Hunter College High School (NYC). My favorite classes are Biology and Spanish, and am interested in Pre-Med specifically. For fun, I love to fence, read, and play videogames with friends!

Social  Media Member

Sage Wu

I'm Sage Wu, and I'm a rising senior at Bronx Science in NYC. I'm interested in biology, psychology and sociology. Most of my hobbies are music or art related, such as dancing, playing piano, and bullet journaling, but I also like to play video games.

Graphic Design
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Jay Qu

Social  Media Member

I am currently a rising senior and interested in physics. I enjoy playing basketball and video games.

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Evelyn Zhou

Social  Media Member

I’m interested in science and art, and i like travel and play video games for fun.

Shazia Sultana

Social  Media Member

I'm an amateur teen writer who loves books. I like to watch Netflix or learn new things in my free time. I'm from India and I'm specifically interested in the Technology division of STEM.

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