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Kevin Bu


I’m Kevin from Shanghai, China. I'm going to be a junior next semester. I'm currently studying IBDP courses at Shanghai Pinghe School. My favorite subject is Physics and I'll probably choose it as my major in the future. I am crazy about soccer, so I spend a lot of my free time watching soccer games and practicing my soccer skills.

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Chad Cai


I’m Chad! I love chemistry and engineering. In my free time, I love to play the game with my friends.

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Kevin Chen


My name is Kevin, from New York. I like to code, specifically in java. Some of my hobbies include editing videos and drawing.

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Rain Cheng


I’m from Shenzhen, China, and I go to school in California. I love swimming and listening to music. I’m very interested in pursuing neuroscience as my major in college.

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Lillian Hou

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I'm Lillian! I’m from China, and I'm a Junior. I'm interested in sociology. Outside of school, I like to sing for fun.

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Jeff Jiang

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I am Jeff Jiang, a junior from Syosset High School. The area that I am interested in is human & animal health! I like to listen to music for fun.

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Brandon Ma


I am Brandon and I am a rising sophomore in NYC. I like writing for Scienceholic because I feel like I can help kids learn science in a way that is more fun for everyone! In my spare time, I like to play sports and also play video games with my friends.

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Sophia Xu


I live in Shanghai China and study the IB curriculum. I'm interested in English literature and Chemistry. I loved baking and listening to music.

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Matthew Zhao

Matthew Zhao

I'm Matthew Zhao from Shanghai Foreign Language School. My hobbies include playing floorball and traveling. I have a great interest in science subjects including chemistry, biology, astronomy, and I'm now the president of my school's iGEM biology club. And I'm fond of playing some of my favorite songs on the piano as well.

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