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Karla Ampudia


Social Media



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IMG_7879 2 - Ivy Chen.HEIC

Ivy Chen

HSMSE  '25

Social Media

Major: Computer Science & Marketing

Hobbies: Reading & hanging out with friends

ScienceHolic is a good way to spread knowledge on different STEM topics.

IMG_20230729_020245_999 - Yanxi Chen_edited.jpg

Yanxi Chen

Wirral Grammar School for Girls '25

Social Media

Major: Economics

Hobbies: Basketball & volleyball

SH is a good way to gain more knowledge on the different aspects of Science.

IMG_3763 - Thomas Lin.jpeg

Thomas Lin

The Stony Brook School '25

Social Media

Major: Data Science

Hobbies: Viola

SH appeals to me so much in its mission statement: promoting science to students around the world in a format that is understandable to all students. What could possibly be better?

Daniel Zhou

Brooklyn Latin High School '24

Social Media

Major: Public Policy

Hobbies: Reading

SH is a fun way to share STEM facts with peers.

ScienceHolic-Daniel Zhou pic (1).jpeg

Winnie Li

Roslyn High School '24

Social Media

Major: Public Health

Hobbies: Badminton, piano, & reading

SH is a great way to provide resources for students to understand STEM in a more understandable manner.

4B8A1C5D-8AE5-4388-9010-C09E7307F82D - Winnie Li.jpeg
IMG_0347 - angela zhou.jpg

Angela Zhou

Bayside High School '25

Graphic Design

Major: Nursing

Hobbies: Playing video games, drawing, & running

SH is a great way to expand my knowledge of science while also helping others do the same.

IMG_8670 - Sumire Sumi_edited.jpg

Sumire Sumi

Northfield Mount Hermon School '24

Social Media

Major: Health and Human Science

Hobbies: Running, reading, volleyball, dance, theater, MUN

As a non-English native speaker, I sought to help out those who are passionate to learn STEM in advanced English. I want to use my skills and knowledge in various fields to spread the beauty of STEM.

Joanna Lin

Stuyvesant High School '25

Social Media

Major: Health

Hobbies: Solving puzzles, painting, and reading.

I joined SH because it is a great way for me to build on my knowledge in science.

IMG_0689 2 - Rachel C_edited.jpg

Rachel Chen

Hunter College High School '25

Graphic Design

Major: Undecided

Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, badminton

SH provides me the opportunity to learn more about STEM while also engaging in my own strengths, like writing!

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