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Social Media Team

IMG_3763 - Thomas Lin.jpeg

Thomas Lin

The Stony Brook School '25

Social Media

Major: Data Science

Hobbies: Viola

SH appeals to me so much in its mission statement: promoting science to students around the world in a format that is understandable to all students. What could possibly be better?

IMG_0689 2 - Rachel C_edited.jpg

Rachel Chen

Hunter College High School '25

Graphic Design

Major: Undecided

Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, badminton

SH provides me the opportunity to learn more about STEM while also engaging in my own strengths, like writing!

Kyle Chen

Bronx High School of Science '26

Social Media

Major: Mathematics, Finance, Computer Science, Economics

Hobbies: Video games, exercise, & table tennis

The magazines and articles from SH was interesting to me.

Kyle - Kyle Chen.jpg

Angela Ke

Albuquerque Academy '25

Social Media

Major: Pre-med/Pre-vet, Engineering

Hobbies: Dance, volleyball, crochet, drawing, & gardening


Joining SH allows me to expand my knowledge in STEM and collaborate with like-minded people.

Selfie - Angela Ke.jpg
image - Toby Chen_edited.jpg

Toby Chen

School '26

Social Media

Major: Biology

Hobbies: Track & soccer

SH allows me to join a science community and connect with people with the same interests.

Joanna Lin

Stuyvesant High School '25

Social Media

Major: Health

Hobbies: Solving puzzles, painting, and reading.

I joined SH because it is a great way for me to build on my knowledge in science.

Florence Lin

Benjamin N Cardozo High School '26

Social Media

Major: Radiology

Hobbies: Cooking, Art, & Building Legos

I want to share my passion for science in easy-to-read and fun ways with others.


Kevy Chen

Lassiter High School '27

Graphic Design

Major: Pre-med / Psychology

Hobbies: Journaling, fencing, cooking, and violin

SH allows me to write/edit while also letting me explore my interests in science.

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