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Don’t Damage Your Body by Eating Unhealthily

Author: Eric Jiang

Editors: Angela Lin and Ken Saito

Artist: Jenny Li

Eating is something that happens naturally, as we need it to live. However, have you ever thought to yourself that you might actually need to learn how to eat properly? Continue reading to learn more!

Have you ever thought to yourself that you might actually need to learn how to eat properly? This isn’t a joke. In fact, many people might not realize that they haven’t established a healthy eating habit from childhood and remain unaware of it. This isn’t anything related to what they eat but how they eat.

To lose weight, most individuals might attempt to reduce the amount of food they eat or to change their diet. However, such sudden, radical change would only lead to short-term weight loss and can be unhealthy to the body. In order to gain permanent improvements, some eating habits must be changed. For example, eating too fast could lead to overeating, weight gain, obesity, and other health problems. If you’re eating too fast, then you must be not chewing the food enough. When you don’t chew your food enough, it could lead to digestive problems like bloating because your body might not produce enough enzymes needed to fully break down the food. The most optimistic condition is to eat regularly and chew 32 times before swallowing.

Occasionally consuming snacks during the day can be especially relaxing. Nevertheless, even without considering its nutritional effects, eating when not hungry is a problem itself. This can cause weight gain and other health issues like blood sugar problems. If you acknowledge yourself treating snacks as regular meals, then you should’ve realized that’s a much more detrimental health issue. Only consuming snacks and desserts at the right amount and pace would be not only unharmful but also beneficial to the body to some extent.

Skipping meals might sound like a good idea to reduce weight. In fact, not only would skipping meals be an extremely unhealthy habit, but it would also lead to weight gaining when eating a normal amount of food. To lose weight, it is best to gradually change and reduce the amount of food you eat. A sudden change in diet or just skipping the meal wouldn’t bring any desired effects.

Since everyone learned to eat the day they’re born, it was always one of the most difficult habits to change. However, by planning out a thoughtful approach, anybody could make the change. The problem never arises from the food itself, but how you’re gonna manage it.



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