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Age of Space Travel: Warp Drives

Author: Jean Claude Ted Isidor

Editor: Jacklynn Nguyen

Artist: Aurora Chen

Star Trek, a saga accredited with sparking the minds of the curiosity seekers of our world to “Live Long and Prosper” in this age of technology, to view the unforeseen parts of our homely abode in the universe and transform our means of exploration. The most iconic element of this series is its starships, ships of the galaxy that sails intrepid explorers to the blindspots of the world as we know it yet, one element of these starships still lingers in the minds of all scientists involved in space exploration, the notion of a warp drive. A warp drive is defined as an out-of-this-world propulsion system that enables us to travel at unprecedented speeds so that we do not waste precious time in our quest for knowledge; but as we strive to build such a device, we ask the question: why is it needed in space flight?