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Benefits of the Paleolithic Diet

Author: Ioannes Salamanes

Editors: Liane Xu

Artist: Daisy Zheng

What is the paleolithic diet? What does ‘paleolithic’ even mean? Paleolithic refers to the early phase of the Stone Age, which lasted for about 2.5 million years and is known for its development of stone tools. Now that we know what paleolithic means, we can learn about the paleolithic diet. Other names for this diet include the caveman diet, hunter-gatherer diet, and Stone Age diet. As its name suggests, the paleo diet is based on the diet of prehistoric humans. It includes eggs, fish, fruits, healthy fats and oils, herbs, lean meats, nuts, seeds, spices, and vegetables—food obtained by gathering and hunting. Since farming only emerged about 10,000 years ago, food that comes from farming such as dairy products, grains, and legumes is not included in the paleo diet.