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Can We Communicate Through Lucid Dreaming?

Author: Renee Cao

Editors: Ken Saito and Michael Zhu

Artist: Gianluca Zhang

Studies show that 55% of adults have had lucid dreams in their lifetimes and 23% of people lucid dream at least once a month. When lucid dreams occur, dreamers are aware they are dreaming, but remain in the dream state. More interestingly, lucid dreamers are commonly known to be able to control their environment, their actions, and the other people in their dreams. Though humans have lucid dreamed and have studied it since ancient times, its causes and purposes stay relatively unknown, as even ordinary dreams are still not fully understood. However, it is known that lucid dreaming is associated with REM (rapid eye movement) during sleep. A new study conducted this year by psychology and neuroscience professor of Northwestern University, Ken Paller, reveals that “individuals in REM sleep can interact with an experimenter a