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COVID-19’s Impact on Different Countries

Authors: Aurora Chen, Brandon Chen, Sophia Xu

Editors: Tiffany Chen, Joyce Hai, Demi Leng, Lydia Ren, Kira Tian, Molly Zhao, Leon Zhou Artist: Nicole Tseng


As of June 14th, 2020, Italy has 236,989 coronavirus cases, and this number is slowly decreasing day by day. Italy was once the epicenter of the pandemic in Europe, but it has recently begun to gradually loosen its lockdown measures. In early May, factories, construction sites, and other businesses began to reopen as long as they followed social distancing measures. However, Italy’s economy has worsened dramatically because of COVID-19. In South Italy, the people are faced with an economic depression on two ends, the repercussions of World War II, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic. South Italy also has a poorer health system compared to the North, with many hospitals facing significant debt and many patients being sent to Northern Italy.