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Fighting Crime With DNA

Author: Hanah Gomberg

Editors: Galiba Anjum and Cynthia Zhang

Artist: Nicole Wang

Although corrupt, law enforcement and the justice system today play a crucial role in our current lives. One of the most common pieces of evidence used by forensics scientists to identify suspects is DNA. Since law enforcement is vital, it is essential to know which components help police and lawyers determine who may have committed a particular crime. DNA and biological evidence help convict rapists, robbers, and murderers, ultimately providing citizens a safer place to live. Some common questions surrounding this topic are: what are biological evidence and DNA testing? How do forensic scientists collect it, and how do they use it to solve crimes? Why is it relevant to the world we live in today? Although the answers are nowhere near as simple as to be answered in one sentence, this article will provide the information needed to answer these questions.

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