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Fruits Can Also Be Batteries

Author: Jessica Zhang

Editors: Max Ye and He-Hanson Xuan,

Artist: Susan Wu

Here is a simple method to turn fruits into batteries: insert a piece of copper and a piece of zinc on opposite sides of a lemon, then attach each plate with a wire and connect them to an ammeter. The movement of the pointer indicates the presence of an electric current. With a few more units of these fruit batteries, you can power a LED! To explore the secret behind the burst of energy from fruits, we need to understand the principles of galvanic cells.

In oxidation-reduction (redox) reactions, a transfer of electrons occurs between two species ‒ an oxidizing agent and a reducing agent. Electrons are transferred from the reducing agent, which loses electrons, to the oxidizing agent, causing it to gain electrons. However, if the reducing agent and the oxidizing agent are physically separated, there must be an e