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How Does Math Involve in People’s Lives?

Author: Hanni Yang

Editors: Shirley Chen and Eric Lin

Artist: Tiffany Chen

Is math the hardest subject? How does it help people? Students generally consider mathematics to be one of the hardest subjects. Its formulas, equations, and calculations get students crazy and bored. Math problems also involve multi-steps that need to be repeated in order to arrive at the answer. But once a student masters these skills, math will become interesting and entertaining. As everyone knows, math is just a bunch of numbers. However, it is an integral part of our daily life and essential for success in future careers.

Applications of Mathematics in Daily Life

Math incorporates logical thinking, calculations, problem-solving, and other skills that involve numbers, formulas, shapes, quantities, etc. It appears in every aspect of our daily lives. People use their math knowledge when managing money, shopping for the cheapest price, estimating the cost of trips, cooking and baking foods, loaning money for a house and car, etc. Mathematics provides an effective and convenient way to make one’s life easier. Math can help one academically and practically. All careers somehow involve mathematics, but the skills are specifically required by economists, scientists, computer programmers, etc.

Tips to Improve Math

To some, math seems hard. There are a variety of students who quit math, but math can help everyone in daily life. So how can one improve her math? There are many ways from tutors and worksheets to practice tests online. But if worksheets are boring, one can go to online websites like IXL learning, Desmos, and DeltaMath. These websites and games will help students to build up their math skills.


Sudoku is a math puzzle game that involves critical thinking and calculations. Sudoku is a game that consists of eighty-one small boxes. To play, fill out the number from 1 to 9 to each column, each row, and each 3x3 box without the number repeated. This game helps one to think more logically and it will help to improve math grades. To understand the rules, click this website. You can play Sudoku here.


Nonograms is also a math puzzle game that involves logic with simple rules. Nonograms have a grid of different amounts of squares. Based on the pattern of the number on the top and left fill out the square black or X. The purpose of this game is to fill out all the black squares so that they will eventually become a picture. The rules (on the left side) and the game is here.

Math | Riddles and Puzzles

Math Riddles and Puzzles is a math game on the app store on the phone. It’s a math game with different types of questions. It can be addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, solving the numbers for different shapes, etc. It’s very interesting due to different types of problems. It requires the player to use his or her mathematical concepts to solve the problem. This game can be played with friends and families to help out.



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