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Say Cheese! Teeth and Forensics

Author: Ellie Livitsanou

Editors: Shamsia Ahmed and Kira Tian

Artist: Abhinaya Vijayanand

Forensic Science has been used for decades by experts to investigate crime and prosecute people. There are four main types of judicial branches experts rely on that relate to the human body: Time of Death, Hair, Fingerprints, and Teeth Marks. Some cases that rely on Teeth Marks, where the suspect has been locked up (or put on death row) for serious crimes. But what if these “bad guys’’ aren’t bad? There have been two reports made by experts that question the reliability of Teeth Marks in forensics. Before we get into the validity of Teeth Marks, first let’s understand how Teeth Marks are used.

Teeth Marks had a rather unusual entry into U.S. court — th