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The Effects of Zero Gravity

Author: Brianna Hang

Editors: Katelyn Ma and Liane Xu

Artist: Nicole Tseng

Isaac Newton once mentioned, “What goes up must come down...” -- but what if it never comes down? Without gravity, life on Earth would be unrecognizable, and everything would be floating into the void of space. In such an impossible scenario, researchers created facilities for astronauts to experience what it would be like to float in space. Microgravity, otherwise known as zero gravity, is a condition of weightlessness that a person or object experiences in space due to small amounts of gravity. However, there are issues concerning the health implications that could affect the living body considering the use of zero gravity facilities as a way to train the body for the space environment. In this article, we will discuss the technology behind zero gravity and the physical and mental responses of the body towards space.