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The Natural Wonder of Bioluminescence

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Author: Brianna Hang

Editor: Katelyn Ma

Artist: Kaitlyn Stanton

Underneath the rolling waves of the ocean, electric blue light illuminates the seafloor as the night sky captures organisms’ luminescent beauty inside its black frame. Located in some parts of South California, Puerto Rico, Florida, etc, sea creatures like algae, squid, and jellyfish can create a chemical called “Bioluminescence” inside their bodies as a form of protection against predators or lure potential prey. Bioluminescence is the light produced from a chemical reaction inside a living organism, and it is a type of chemiluminescence, or light that is the product of a reaction. By studying the chemical components and adaptation advantages of these glowing organisms, researchers can use their genes to transform medical science and technology.