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What Happens While We Sneeze?

Author: Kelly Zeng

Editors: Jasleen Matharu, Kira Tian

Artist: Tiffany Chen

Ah Choo! Did you sneeze today? Well, for some unknown reason, I sneeze every day. I was curious, and so I did some research on sneezing. And guess what? I found some surprising fun facts that I bet you haven’t heard of—let's check them out!

Sneezing, also called sternutation, is a way for your body to remove irritation from your nose. It's an automatic reflex that cannot be stopped once it starts. The process begins with a tickle touching the inside of your nose, then a message of “invasion” is sent to the sneeze center in the medulla of your brain. The sneeze center announces to all of your muscles to work together to create a sneeze. Yes, all muscles. Sneezing is a full-body workout that involves muscles from the abdominal, the chest, the eyelids, and the diaphragm. “Just before you sneeze, pressure builds up in your chest as your chest muscles com