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Why Do We Do What We Do?

Author: Belinda Lin

Editors: Shannon Tan and Kira Tian

Artist: Kaitlyn Stanton

The brain contains billions of neurons all linked to one another, working crucial roles in mood, education, and interactions. But what exactly causes our ideas to surface? The answer lies in the receptors on the exteriors of the neurons.

Brain receptors are necessary for survival. Proteins composed of receptors are chemical structures, and they send signals that are received by neurotransmitters — first messenger— linked to biological systems from neuron to neuron. Each neuron has hardworking receptors on the surface which receive signals. The signals come in the form of chemical messengers that bind to receptors that later form cellular response. This changes the electrical activity of cells from adjacent neurons through neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that transfer signals from one neuron to a target cell through the synapse. They help with communication in the brain. After the neuro