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How to Improve Your Memory

Author: Jiayi Chen

Editors: Lydia Ren and Yuze Zhu

Artist: Jenny Li

Memory is what shapes our personalities and is an inseparable part of us. If we lose our memories, we also lose our personalities. Are we still considered the same person after forgetting our past? People frequently forget things, and sometimes the consequences are devastating. Strong memories also can be helpful when it comes to quizzes, exams, and works. Either way, enhancing our memory comes with many benefits?.

To know why memory is important to us, we first have to learn about how memory works. The brain is the part of our body that is closely linked to our memory, and our ability to remember is strongly associated with the health and vitality of our brains. Our brains have the extraordinary capability to adapt and react to changes in many ways. This allows us to stimulate our brains to enhance our memory. Though simple