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Is It a Cow? No, It’s Boanthropy Disorder!

Updated: Mar 7

Author: Jiayi Chen

Editors: Vincent Chang and Megan Liu

Artist: Aurora Chen

Boanthropy, a type of zoanthropy, is one of the rarest mental disorders in the world. People with this disorder believe they are a cow. Symptoms for this disorder begin with the refusal to eat meat and other animal products. Then, people uncontrollably start to eat grass and walk with both arms and legs.

Many believe boanthropy is related to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, disorders where patients suffer from hallucination. However, compared to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, patients with boanthropy maintain cow behaviors for a significant amount of time. Furthermore, since boanthropy is rare, there has not been much research to conclude any proper treatments. Psychologists do not have any standard psychotherapy to determine the cause of the disorder, but researchers do have some hypotheses to explain the condition.

One explanation for boanthropy is that it is an extension of schizophrenia, where patients believe they are not themselves anymore. Some people believe that it has to do with religion, while others suspect it is related to supernatural powers. Some researchers also believe it is the result of dreams or hypnotism.

In the biblical book of Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar, who ruled Neo-Babylonian Empire, suffered from a mental disorder. In the book, God punished Nebuchadnezzar due to his boastful nature and forced him to behave like an animal for seven years. Boanthropy is an explanation for his actions; however, another explanation for his behavior is porphyria, which is caused by syphilis.

In conclusion, boanthropy, a rare and serious psychological disorder, could be a variant of schizophrenia, in which patients believe they are cows instead of humans. Psychologists attempt to use psychotherapy to cure this disorder, but there are currently no definitive treatments for this mental disorder.

《它是一头牛吗? 不,这是Boanthropy Disorder!》

Translated by Eleanor Hsu from Fluency for Teens

Boanthropy 是一种动物和人类疾病,是世界上最罕见的精神障碍之一。 患有这种疾病的人认为他们是一头牛。 这种疾病的症状始于拒绝吃肉和其他动物产品。 然后,人们开始不受控制地吃草,并用胳膊走路。

很多人认为,Boanthropy与精神分裂症和双相情感障碍有关,患者会出现幻觉。 然而,与精神分裂症和双相情感障碍相比,奶牛患者在相当长的一段时间内保持了奶牛的行为。 此外,由于它在人类中很少见,因此没有太多研究可以建议适当的治疗方法。 心理学家没有任何标准的心理疗法来确定疾病的原因,但研究人员确实有一些假设来解释这种情况。

Boanthropy 的一种解释是,它是精神分裂症的延伸,患者认为他们不再是自己。 有些人认为这与宗教有关,而另一些人则怀疑与超自然力量有关。 一些研究人员还认为,这是做梦或催眠的结果。

在但以理的圣经中,统治新巴比伦帝国的尼布甲尼撒王患有精神障碍。 在这本书中,上帝惩罚了尼布甲尼撒的狂妄自大,强迫他像野兽一样行事七年。 Boanthropy 是他行为的一种解释; 然而,对他的行为的另一种解释是卟啉症,这是由梅毒引起的。

总之,boanthropy 是一种罕见且严重的心理障碍,可能是精神分裂症的一种变体。 患者认为他们是牛而不是人。 心理学家尝试使用心理治疗来治愈这种精神障碍,但这种精神障碍没有明确的治疗方法。



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