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The Potential of Nuclear Energy

Author: Jiahao Wu

Editors: Tharindi Jayatilake and Galiba Anjum

Artist: Selena Zheng

Why Nuclear Power Makes Sense

Why Nuclear Power Still Doesn’t Make Sense

Have you ever thought about where our electricity comes from? There is no single answer, our electricity comes from a variety of sources, from coal-fired plants to sustainable sources and even nuclear! The majority of our power comes from coal-burning plants, with less than twelve percent coming from sustainable energy. While innovations for cleaner energy, like solar or wind power, are becoming more common, the energy industry still relies heavily on three fossil fuels: gas, coal, and oil. These three combined are responsible for 85.5% of the world’s energy supply. The main reason we depend on fossil fuels is that they are abundant, cheap, and easily accessible.

In contrast, only 10.1% of the energy we use is sustainable. One of the reasons for this low figure is the convenience of fossil fuels. Many of us are used to utilizing non-renewable resources at home, for example, we use oil to fuel our cars. Transitioning to different sources of power is foreign and in some cases, deemed unacceptable. However, in recent years, efforts have been made to integrate other sources of power more into global electricity consumption. But what about nuclear energy? It is in its category because it is not renewable and does not rely on carbon for its use. Although nuclear energy seems like a logical and preferred source of power, the waste and fear of its use are major deterrents to why we do not depend on it. But, we should revisit how useful and effective nuclear energy could be for a better future.