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Strategies used by Asia Against COVID-19

Author: Dalin Try

Editors: Ethan Liu and Liane Xu

Artist: Doris Tan

COVID-19 was first reported in Wuhan, China and it spread worldwide within the first few months of its discovery. Daily life came to a halt; travel was suspended and work became remote. Demand for hand sanitizers, Lysol sprays, and toilet paper surged. Initially, people expected developed countries, which have advanced medical equipment and leading experts, to have a better response towards the pandemic than developing countries. However, some developed countries, such as the U.S, actually had a more challenging time containing the virus due to factors such as a lack of enforcement for mask policies. On the other hand, South Korea, which experienced a sudden spike of virus cases in February, responded with strict mask requirements, lockdown, and suspension of most of the country's flights. This response paid off, allowing them to control the pandemic due to mass testing the population, even creating the drive-in testing to encourage testing for the citizens.